What make sukhoi su-70 (Hunter) special ?

Since, end of 20th century combat drones have just taken over modern battlefield. And, it seems that in coming times drone-centric warfare is going to dominate modern battlefield. In this race is Russia is working to develop a modern drone named “Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik”. On august 3rd 2019 russian firm sukhoi tested the newly made drone, as said by Russian defence agency no images were released thou.

What makes “su-70 okhotnik” so special ?

The answer is Stealth, Speed & Range this 3 factors are the most crucial factors that make this drone so lethal. With designated range of 6,000 km (3,728 mi; 3,240 nmi) & Max.speed: 1,000 km/h (621 mph; 540 kn)  it is one of a kind killer drone .It can fly into vast territory with incredible speed and superior stealth

When compared with other adversaries like Boeing X-45, Northrop_Grumman_X-47B & Lockheed_Martin_RQ-170_Sentinel i outmatches it in every aspect. It was internal capacity of of 2000Kg to carry different type of guided and unguided ammunition.

This factor have played a major role in enhancing versatility & lethality of russian made drone.

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