The Holy Grail To A Fresh Feel…

Refreshed skin helps a lot in uplifting the mood. Whether after a sleepless night or after a tiring day, all we need is to feel fresh, else we are all irritated and droopy.

In this post I am going to share a couple of tips and tricks to achieve the freshness and one holy grail to achieve it.

Tips and Tricks to freshen up:

  •  The first and foremost is staying hydrated. Drink lots of liquids to flush off the toxins.
  •  Do not use heavy-on-the-skin products like foundation, oily sunscreen, oily moisturizer, etc.
  • Eat more of fruits and salads rather than eating oily cooked food.
  •  Carry wet wipes to wipe off the dust from your face.
  • Include everything citrus – from citrus food to citrus face wash and deodorant.
  • Rub used lemon to your underarms.
  • Avoid milk tea/ milk coffee, instead have it black

The holy grail to achieve instant freshness is ‘TOOTHPASTE’.

Whenever you need the subtle kick to freshen up, all you need to do is take some of your face wash in your palm, add a pea sized amount of toothpaste to it, mix with your finger and apply all over your face and neck, adding water as needed. Keep this mask on for about 5 minutes and then rinse with tap water. 

Feel the Freshness and let us know !! 

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