One of the prominent writers from a prominent media outlet has written a Article questioning the course of law and it’s action , was it performed or not ?

Writer , questions the Hyderabad encounter in case of rape by saying

“The law states that one is
innocent until proven guilty,
where was their chance to
prove it? Will we ever get to
know beyond reasonable
doubt that the four men shot
dead by Hyderabad police
were the real perpetrators, or
were they just men picked
up to show how fast the
crime was solved? All four
men belonged to the
economically weaker
sections of society, where
the murder of them wouldn’t
stir up controversy.”

Says the writer

It seems fair to ask the question, as every case needs fair trial to prove innocence or guilty.

As an aware citizens we all get this question now thinking the same. We all stood together as we needed the justice in case of Hyderabad rape. But , was it really the same people ? or police just picked random people to show the fast action ? Was this scripted ? Will this create a trend of encountering people without justifying the real culprit ?

All this questions that arise in mind, but we will never get to know this now as the victim and the accused are no more among us.

It’s upto us as obliged citizen to know and dig down the real truth behind the actions and incidences.without blindly believing what social media or other people say.

Note : The quote is mentioned from the original article. All credits and rights are upto the organization(Original) and it’s author (Original).

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