There are bunches of media out there telling about the rape and the incidences that has happened recently.which is good to say that people are talking about the incidences that are happening. But no one is talking about the cause that leads to heinous crimes like “Rape”.

We have dug across the researches that have been conducted in past that went through confessions and studies conducted on the Criminals who led to such instances of crime.

Here is what we found,

According to Research done at Georgia State University on 1200 Responses of perpetrators. 

Dr.Tarcy N. Hipp and their colleagues found following facts :

  • Sexual Script : 37% Responders said that they took the “Myth” created by general entertainment industry of  “When a woman says ‘No’ , it means ‘Yes !!! ‘  “
  • Victim’s Sexual History : 27% of Responders placed the blame on sexual history of the victim as motivating factor to commit the crime. Some, responders even said that the victims past flirting behavior in past also gave them the indicator to commit the instance.
  • Hostile Sexism : 24% Responders stated that their experience with women either during childhood or their mistreatment by women had created a negative influence. Which led them to revenge for the hatred in form of “Rape”
  • Biological Essentialism : 18% of responders stated that they had to fullfill their urge to.some even stated that “They were going insane due to hormones”.
  • Objectification : 18% of perpetrators even stated that they saw women as tools of play or like a sex object. They considered them as mean to play or satisfy their urge.
  • Socio Sexuality : 18% of Responders also said that they saw “Rape” as way of having sexual partner.some also describe that they were bored with “Vanilla Sex” and they wanted to force them on women to have fun.

Note : Numbers ** are indicated as combined statistics of two or more factors.

We also dig some deeper to find something mind boggling that people are taking very lightly these days.

FBI’s own statistics show that “Porn” is at center of  80 % cases  for sexual violence


Here are some interesting facts and figures that came across the studies in US:

  • Michigan State Police Department said that, Porn was used or imitated in 41% of crime across Michigan.
  • University of New Hampshire found that sexual nudity / Sexual Magazine were highly used by the Perpetrators (Evidence found at the residences).e.g Playboy , Penthouse etc.
  • Dr. Victor Cline, did research that showed how consumers who became addicted to prnographic materials begin to want more explicit content and end up desiring  to act out what they’ve seen.
  • According to interview conducted by Dr.James Dobson on Ted Bundy (Serial Killer) on the day of his execution..bundy said that “Most Dangerous kind of Pornography is that involves violence… The wedding of those two forces, as i only know too well, brings about behavior that is just too terrible.”.
  • Doctors also noted in their research-based book,”Pornography and sexual aggression”, “Porn can affect and bring about aggressive attitude towards women and can desensitize individuals perception of ‘Rape’.” They also found adult porn connected to 1400 Cases of child molestation cases in Louisville,Kentucky.



In 2015 Study, documented a strong co-relation between increasing internet and increasing rate of sexual offenses related to women and children in India.

Published in Indian Journal :


These facts and numbers are themselves speaking about harsh reality we are facing today in the age of internet. We as an aware citizen should realize the importance of understanding the health effects that nudity / Pornography / Explicit Content / our behavior towards opposite gender and their psychological outcome bring to us.

  Let’s make sure to keep caution of such things and not let our friends /Family / Kids to fall prey to such activities by advising them to stay away from such Brain washing activities.


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