The history goes back long time back during medivial ages when Celtic people in northern Europe celebrated 31st October as last day of their year. With it, they had a weird superstitious belief that during this time Evil Souls and witches came back to haunt people.

It was believed that if someone oppressed others during the time in year then on this day the spirits would come out and take it’s revenge from the oppressor. The reality of fact was that during night of “Halloween” it was not the spirits. But the people used to dress up or cover themselves under pumpkin or animal bone skull to look like some evil creature. And , they went out in evenings to the people and scare them or even kill them to take their revenge.

Moreover, it has been reported that during this day alone more children are lost and many have been found murdered. Many satanic rituals are performed during these days to which innocent people fall prey to.

So , the question arises whether “Halloween” should be really celebrated ? The tradition that has it’s past in blood of people and promotes people to dress up like devil

It’s really upto us to understand and guide our next generation, whether we want to promote such traditions or not.