There are almost 98,000 people infected by the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 disease, and more than 3000 people have succumbed death due to it.

Therefore, it is obvious that you as a parent must be wondering how you can protect your child from getting infected by novel coronavirus.

Hence, we have come up with some simple yet effective ways by which you can protect your child from the COVID 19 Disease.

Ways to protect your child from coronavirus

1.     Encourage Hand Hygiene

Do you know that good hand hygiene is the first line of defense for protecting ourselves from any disease especially coronavirus? Hence as a parent, you should encourage your children to wash their hands often and for at least 20 sec each time.  Other than that, it is recommended not to touch nose, mouth and eyes with hands.

2.    No No To Handshakes

To prevent coronavirus from spreading, it is advised not to shake hands. And therefore, handshakes are banned at most of the places. Banned the practice of handshaking. You should remind your children every so often not to shake hands with their friends or family members.

3.    Leave It At The Entrance

The shoes and backpacks should be left at the entrance area, so that incase the footwear or the backpacks have coronavirus on its surface it wont spread to other parts of the house.

4.    Wear Clean Clothes

Change outwears or school uniform of your child right away. This also implies when your child comes back home after having fun in the park.

5.    Avoiding highly crowded places

The novel coronavirus is transmitted through the air in the form of tiny droplets that get into the air when infected person breathes, talks, coughs, or sneezes. The person who is in the range of five feet from the infected person is more likely to get infected.

Hence, it is advisable to avoid visiting crowded places like markets, malls etc.

By following these simple yet effective ways you can very well protect your child from the corona-virus.