“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

-Gustav Flaubert

The above quote is true and to verify that you need to travel across the world and see how beautiful the world is !. But, before you take my words as “Holy Grail” and you start your journey there are several things you need to take care of, because if you don’t then you will learn that hard way.

Here are some simple tips that can help you a lot :

1. Try to think bold and out of the box

So, typically when someone plans to travel that person has only couple of things in mind like Famous Place, Famous monuments & Good Eats. that’s so typical, right?
Yes, it is. you will have to break out of this generic thought process and try to explore places that a typical tourist won’t visit.

For e.g: A typical tourist in France would visit Paris, and he would go to see Eiffel tower (for sure).
But, the one who is a out of box thinker would think of going to Northern France in a small town and see how the real France is.

2. Spend sometime doing research

Hotels and attractions aren’t always the way they present themselves online. That’s why it’s important to ask for recommendations and read reviews before booking anything. You need to ensure that the hotel you plan on visiting really is five stars, like it states in the holiday content, that the pictures from travelers online match up to the travel broker’s website images, and that it is near local amenities and not in the middle of nowhere.
Use TripAdvisor, Booking.com, etc., do some concrete research before you plan to go ahead.

3. Keep check of food and sleep

A period of physical discomfort can put a damper on your trip, so take care to avoid it. “The research I published on happiness indicates that a powerful negative emotion will really mess us your day and won’t be erased by a positive emotion,” says Miron-Shatz. “So check out your trip in advance and see where such downfalls may arrive. Not enough rest or food are immediate suspects.”

4. Get Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance may be expensive, but it’s more expensive to have to pay for a new flight when you can’t make the one you booked. It’s hard to predict what will come up, whether it’s an opportunity that requires you to be somewhere else or a security hazard that leads you to avoid a certain part of the world.

That’s why Katie Dillon, travel expert and founder of La Jolla Mom, recommends buying travel insurance. “One of the biggest mistakes people can make when traveling is to skip travel insurance,” she tells . “This can cause people to travel when they don’t want to, or to lose money on prepaid airfare because they can’t go on their planned trip.”

5. It’s not always good to stick to the plan

When you’re navigating through an unfamiliar place, plans are bound to fail. Some activities may be canceled, others may be delayed, and destinations may not live up to the hype. Instead of trying to fight that and getting upset if something goes wrong, learn to keep your cool when the plan fails and come up with plan B.

“Most people, when they travel, have an unrealistic expectation that everything will go magically right on their trip,” says Patricia Hajifotiou, owner of The Olive Odysseys and author of Travel Like You Mean It!. “It will not, and when that happens, you need to keep two things in mind. I call it the two PS: Patience and Perspective.