Teaching is not just a profession, it is an emotion.

Thinking back of olden times, of school days, it makes me nostalgic.

  • When we actually hated to see the teacher entering the classroom. We all prayed that the teacher for the next lecture should be absent, and then the class cadets asked us to behave because the teacher was about to enter and our faces drooped with sadness.
  • The way we all sang ‘good morning Ma’am/Sir’ to them.
  • From learning how to write to solving complicated math problems, they have always helped us learn and made us capable of solving such problems on our own.
  • They were strict for our benefit which we did not realise back then, we realise that now, and sincerely apologise for all the trouble we have caused.

Every student was the teacher’s pet at some point of their student life, and believe me that was the best thing ever. I can never forget one such teacher of mine, she was my class teacher when I was in 4th grade.

In all of my student life, she tops the best teacher’s list. She was the one who understood me well, helped me through thick and thin. She trusted me soo much that she used to keep her wallet in my bag all through the day because she did not feel safe at the staff room, remember, all this while I was still a 4th grader.
Later I switched school and I tried searching for her all over social media but couldn’t find her anywhere. I wish we happen to cross ways sometime.

I came across many incredible teachers throughout my school and college life, and I am sure you did too, teachers who cared to share their knowledge not because it was their job, but because they wanted to build a strong generation that leads the World justly tomorrow.

Teachers don’t just help you with math issues, they give great advices for your life issues too.

A salute to all the Incredible teachers out there reading this post. Its because of you “we are what we are today!”

I am sure there must be at least one such teacher in your life too, who trusted you, who motivated you, who fought for you, who protected you. Whom you consider the reason behind your success not just education wise, but because she helped you build your character.

Share this post with them and pay your long due tribute!