This is one topic in which absolutely everyone one is confused of. This makes relationship and breaks it too. Yes , we are talking about “SEX”.

These days people are taking inspiration from completely wrong source which is not just hurting relationships. Moreover, it is making life of people more complicated then it was before. Adult film industry is source of all this, and since it has come to existence it has spoiled everything not just mentally even physically.

One Reddit user writes it beautifully :

This is something almost everyone is guilty of, comparison.

I see it so often on this sub. Porn is the worst thing you could compare real life to. Those people have been having sex, in front of a camera, for years.

They are actors, with directors guiding the
scene. They have professional make up artists, nutritionists, life and gym coaches and trainers, they take supplements.

They are celebrities of the XXX world of entertainment. Some have had plastic surgery to make their boobs and butts look a certain way (and more than just boobs and butts). They aren’t “daily life” you and me people. They are chosen, like models, specifically for their
looks. Then they have make up applied and then their scenes are digitally edited afterwards.

Watch Amatuer porn and just see the difference. There typically is no special lighting, no fancy cameras, no scripts, no make up or
digital editing. But they’re still people performing for the camera.

Real life sex is not like porn. If someone tries to tell you “well in porn” stop them. Porn is fantasy. It’s entertainment.

If you want to try something you saw in a porno once, sure, try it, with the expectation that it will not go how it did in that porno and
that it probably will not bring the pleasure it appeared to.

Does a car blow up every time it crashes, like in the movies? No. No it does not !!

This is the reality whether we like it or not.”Porn” is a culprit of every source of evil that exist today. Whether it is “Rape” or be it Tremors in marriages.