Each and every person strives hard to treasure their relationship with their loved ones.However, there are something’s that are missing in a relationship in 21st Century, which are discussed below,

Things Lacking In A Relationship In 21st Century

  • Harmony

A person’s gets disappointed if ones expectation are not fulfilled from another person in a relationship has increased so much that it has led to dissatisfaction and disappointment which eventually leads to complaints and fights.

  • Simplicity

The media and the marketing have made a big deal out of everything that has led to complexity in our lives. So much so that we have forgotten the ways to enjoy the simple little things and moments in our lives and relationship off course.

  • Communication

Yes, the modern technology has lessened the distance between the people around the globe however it has created a distance among the people who are bonded with a relationship. People are busy communicating with others on social media or platforms so much so that, they forget to communicate effectively with the person sitting next to them.

  • Moments Of Peace

The fast paced life has taken away the peace of mind from most of us. We are running behind so-called goals of our lives that we totally forget that the ultimate goal of our life is to spend some moments of peace and joy with our loved ones!

Undoubtedly, 21st century has made it easy to get into a relationship but it has also majorly influenced our relationships for good and for bad.