When you are in a relationship with someone it is important that you stay committed and loyal to that person. But, one needs to know that loyalty does not only mean not indulging infidelity but it goes beyond fidelity. Loyalty to your significant other means loyalty of heart, thoughts of a soul as a whole.

There are various ways in which you can find out whether your man is loyal to you or not, which are as follows :


  • He Likes To Introduce You To His Family And Friends

Introducing you to his family and friends is his most favorite thing. He never misses a chance to go all out and introduce you to everyone.Having you by his side in the parties and get-togethers is such a honor to him 

  • He Hides Nothing From You

There is nothing called secret between you and him. He shares each and every little secret hidden deep in his heart with you.

At the end of the day, he likes to talk over everything with you. You can say he is a open book!

  • He Stands By You In Highs And Lows

He is always by your side through highs and lows. He leaves no stones unturned to help you through the hard times and his happiness lies in your happiness. He has no sense of jealousy whatsoever; he is the first person to rejoice on your achievements.

  • He Cares And Loves You

He cares and loves you in not one but many small ways. Expressing his love and care to you gives him immense pleasure.

Yes these are some of the ways to understand that your man is loyal to you, however every man is different, so will be his ways of caring loving and communicating.