Friends are a vital part of our lives. They are our partners in crime, Our secret bearers.

Our better halves, on the other hand, are our partner through the rest of our life, in every ups and downs, with whom we start a family, have babies, create the next generation. 

Both Friends and Family hold special position in our life. But it is very important to understand the difference between the two and whom to prioritize. Focusing only on friends and leaving behind your family will effect your relationship with your spouse and kids. Like wise, focusing only on your family and not hanging out with your friends will make you anti-social.


The answer is quite obvious, Family comes first no matter what. Friends come and go, your Family is always there to stay.

The Wife rarely gets time off from home to concentrate on friends so for them definitely the Family is the priority, whereas, for the Husband Friends are mostly the priority, so much that they spend all their free time with friends, leaving their wife alone, which makes her feel inferior to your friends in your life, they feel ignored.


  • Never clash plans. If you have planned something with your family and your friends come up with another plan, you should not cancel the first plan and vice-versa.
  • Never let down your spouse in front of your friends, next time you are with them your spouse will think you must be speaking ill of them behind their back, because they have seen you doing it before.
  • Give enough time to your family, that way when you spend time with friends, your family wouldn’t mind. For example, if you go out with your friends 10 times in a month and you go with your family just once, this definitely is going to enrage your spouse and end up into quarrels followed by more quarrels.
  • Never share personal information about your spouse and your relationship with your friends, everyone is looking out for some gossiping, no one is genuinely going to help you. Things get uglier this way.

So to have a peaceful balance in life, learn to create the balance.