Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, DR. APJ Abdul Kalam, Albert Einstein, all of them were kids someday and their innovative mind was raised by their parents or supporters.

Today’s parents don’t know how to recognize the ability of their child and help him in a further to strengthen their ability to innovate.

Here we are the 5 ways to raise a innovative child,

How To Raise A Innovative Child :

  • Ask Questions

Children learn by finding solutions for any problems. Asking questions to your child will encourage him to think out of the box and to give you a straight and precise answer along with evidence to justify it. This in turn will boost the thinking and analytical ability of your child which may lead to innovation one day.

  • Let Him Create

Normally kids create stupid kinds of things, and most of the parents scold them for that. But if their creation is not going to harm in anyway then let him explore his creativity.

  • Answer His Curiosity

Kids keep on asking us thousands of questions like what is that, why is it so, how is it made up, etc. Answering their questions will satisfy their curiosity afterwhich they will  move on to some other question which will help them in learnings.

  • Give Them Space

Roots of a tree will spread over a larger area if it is free to move. Similarly, the kids need some space to strengthen their roots of knowledge and thereafter develope something very innovative which will prove to be helpful for mankind.

  • Perform Tasks Playfully

Kids are always in a playing mode and therefore they see everything around them as a part of a game. So, performing your daily tasks along with your kids like a game will make them participate in the task with you. This will help them in learning the basic skills of life.

Now don’t worry and do not think more as these ways are definitely going to work for your kid.