Over time, eating outside has become a trend. Different types of restaurants are emerging day by day. There has been a lot of culinary inventions in the food industry. People go out occasionally with friends and family to have a good time and enjoy a variety of tasty food.

A few years back, families and friends used to eat out, on average, one meal in a week, which was considered healthy. Other times home made food was savored.

Eating out once in a while is considered healthy, not only for the stomach, but also for families/friends to have a happy time together, eating out enables going out together which is beneficial for relations to grow.

Now the latest trend in food industry is ONLINE FOOD SERVICES, where consumer can order food through an app and get it delivered at the comfort of their homes.

Apps like zomato, swiggy,food panda, uber eats, etc are doing pretty well in the market which states that people are ordering more and more restaurant food. Whereas, restaurants are getting fewer tables occupied and more food parceled and delivered through these services.


  • Food gets delivered if the ‘cook’ of the house is sick or unavailable
  • Food online is cheaper due to offers provided by the delivery partner.
  • Sales at restaurants have gone up significantly.
  • People can have their favorite food wherever they are.
  • Restaurants are being publicized through these apps.
  • Food gets delivered in no time when unexpected guests arrive.
  • Life of the ‘women of the house’ has become easier.


  • Restaurants are making lesser profit by selling online on discounted prices.
  • People are starting to lose their social life, people used to go out on weekends, now they just order food at home, the fun is gone.
  • People are eating more and more of junk food and unhealthy food which is not good for health if had frequently.
  • The tradition of cooking food at home for family and guests is diminishing.
  • Obesity is on the rise, junk food is on their finger tips whenever they crave.

Ordering food online once in a while is okay, but one should not be house bound. People should go out and enjoy their life too.