In today’s fast paced modern world, one is confined to his desk most of the office hours in order to complete the tasks at hand. This sitting need to sit for long hours leads to poor body posture.

If you too are sitting for long hours on daily basis, then you may be at risk of having a poor body posture.

In this article we will let you know how you can improve your body posture while sitting for long hours.


• While you are working on any screen be it tablet or laptop, make sure that the top of the screen you are working with is at the level of your eyes. By doing so you will not require leaning while working thereby, preventing neck pain.

• While sitting in a chair make sure your feet are lying flat on the ground. You can use a footrest so that you will not cross or stretch your legs.

• Whenever you get time in between, pull your shoulder blades backwards to bring out your chest. This will ensure that your shoulders don’t get rounded up.

• Use a padded chair to sit while working for long hours. Additionally you should ensure that your thighs are in parallel position to the floor.

• Make use of a pillow that gives support to your lumbar vertebrae. This supports your spinal cord while sitting and ensures good posture.

• Ergonomic office chair is a must have if you have to sit for long hours. This office chair takes off the strain from your spine and ensures good posture.

While working for elongated time put in efforts from your end to maintain good body posture as it not only makes you look better but also has many health benefits.