Flavoured Hookah is trending among youngsters since a couple of years. Lounges are coming up with unique flavour ideas to boost up sale of Hookah. The most common flavours these days are GREEN APPLE, PAN MASALA, SEX ON THE BEACH among several others. Youngsters as well as mid-aged along with their group of friends visit hookah bars and enjoy hookah  in their leisure time. Hookah has a significantly high amount of tobacco in them which creates a lot more hazardous smoke in one puff than cigarettes, which means it is lot more harmful to the lungs of the smoker as well as the people nearby. 

Several cities in India and abroad have banned the sale of Hookah (also called sheesha) at Bars/Lounges, although people can still enjoy alcohol and cigarettes.

  • Hookah smoking goes back to the 15th century with its origins from India.
  • An hour of Hookah smoking equals to anywhere between 40-400 cigarettes.
  • Active smoking as well as passive smoking is a big health hazard, so banning hookah is indeed a progressive step.
  • Hookah ban is only applied on bars and lounges, people can easily buy their own hookahs and smoke them at their homes.
  • Alcohol and cigarette can still be had in bars and lounges.

The ban on hookah at public places is appreciated, and similar ban should be applied on alcohol and cigarettes too.

Road accidents, alcohol abuse cases, crimes like rape are done under alcohol intoxication, domestic violence, are few reasons why alcohol should be banned completely.

If Alcohol is banned, the crime rate is set to go down significantly.

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