The lighting in any premises changes the mood especially in a house. Furthermore, it also changes the way the size of the room is perceived. The placement of the light and the type of the light used are some of the important aspects of lighting in interior design.

Importance Of Lighting In Interior Design
Lighting is very crucial as it seamlessly integrates the whole design, functionality and the layout of the interior design.

• Color Utilization :
The light that is reflected from the surface of walls or any other surface for that matter gives illusion of the size of space. Therefore if the lighting is done in proper way, it makes the room look way more spacious than it is in reality.

• Adds To The Functionality :
One of the most important role of lighting in the interior designing is it adds on the functionality. It may either add to the light of the entire room or highlights some accent pieces or even helps you get your tasks finished at late night.

• Gives Illusion Of Spaciousness  :
Both natural and man-made lighting helps in making illusion of spaciousness in the premises. Hence, find various ways to add full-spectrum natural light in the interior. Natural lighting is always preferred more than man-made lighting as it shows off various colors in the interior design and also adds illusion of space visual space in a room by reflecting light.

Lighting plays a very important role in the overall look, ambience and functionality of the premises be it indoor or outdoors. Therefore the selection of type, style and the luminescence of the lighting should be done with much consideration.