Living spaces are becoming smaller and smaller in megacities, therefore having a garden in our home seems next to impossible at least for those who can not afford to spend a whole lot of money on having a Vertical Garden.

Yes, the technique of Vertical Gardening has evolved as a boon for all of us who are living amid the city, so that we can also enjoy having a little garden space at our home.

Even if you can not afford to hire a professional gardener to set up your vertical garden do not be disheartened as in this article we will discuss few ways in which you can also enjoy the benefits of vertical gardening.

Vertical Gardening – What It Is ?

Vertical gardening is a technique of gardening in which the plants are grown using vertical space rather than horizontal space. The professional gardeners use panels, which are suspended vertically. They can either be standing free or, suspended or even attached to the wall. It saves up space and also adds accent to living or office space.

So vertical gardening is total win-win !

Some of the easiest ways of making a vertical garden in your space are discussed below,



This tiered planter can be easily bought from the market or from online shopping websites. You can plant three same plants or different plants in the different tiers of this planter. You can even play with colors by planting various colors flowering vines.


We all use some or other type of herbs in the cooking, don’t we? What if we can use the fresh herbs right from our kitchen garden? Sounds amazing.

You can easily get this customized wall planter made by the carpenter according to the dimensions of the kitchen wall on which you plan to create your kitchen Vertical Garden.


The vertical garden can also be made using the spare piece of rod you already have and few hanging plant pots.


Do you know that your ladder can double up as a vertical garden? All you need to do is nicely arrange beautiful plants onto it and you are good to go.

Now that you know all these easy methods of creating a vertical garden, it is time to get working and try your hands on vertical gardening.