According to science, the men who are, messy are quite smart, but with women, it is vice versa. The women who live in a messy house is observed to have a lot more stress as compared to the one who lived in a neat and clean house.Although we clean all day, our home seldom looks beautiful and neat, this is because often time we possess more things than we require.

Here the minimalistic way of life can help us by helping us own the valuable things that we require.By the word minimalistic home, it is assumed that the home may not have any sort of character or décor for that matter. But in reality, it is not so.

There are various ways, in which you can decorate your home in a minimalistic way :


  • Indoors Plants

Having indoors plants not only add a subtle pop of color but also brings warmth in the overall space.

Moreover, some plants purify the air, so that you can breathe in good quality of air.

  • Minimalistic Accessories

Minimalistic way of decorating does not mean that you cannot use accessories. You can use a few accessories that will add an accent to your home décor. Keep them group them in one space creating a beautiful corner in your home, while keeping the other places clear so that it is easy for you to clean.

  • Clear White Walls With Few Beautiful Frames

Having a monotonous home may seem boring at first, but the clear white walls with just one or two beautiful paintings, canvases or photo frames, make space look very sleek and sophisticated.

  • Simple Vase With Beautiful Flowers

A beautiful bunch of flowers instantly beautifies the space they are kept in; so do not forget to use these in your decoration.

  • White Curtains

White curtains may seem plain and not so attractive to you, but once you add white curtains in your house you will notice all the difference it makes in beautifying your home.

Minimalistic ways of decorating are simple yet very elegant, you should definitely give it a try.