Owning a beautiful house with a little garden is on the wish list of every single person.Having a beautiful garden however small it may be totally adds beauty and personality to your home.

Down below we have discussed some decorating projects for your garden, which you can easily do it yourself,

Easy Decorating Projects Which You Can Do It Yourself

  • Paint The Garden Rocks

If you have that rocky garden, then this project is just for you. Grab handful of the rocks from your garden and paint them beautifully. You can either paint them solid color or go a little further and use stencils to add some designs here and there.

  • Beautiful Suncatcher Is A Must

    You can easily make a suncatcher for your garden from the CD, which is of no use to you.

  • Add Texture With Pebbles

pebble lining around the pathway or the hedge of your garden will just make it look beautiful. Additionally it will also add a subtle texture to overall look.

  • Play With The Color

By using just handful of colors you can create magic in no time. Get painting and personalize those plat pots with a splash of colors

When everything is done just sit, relax, chill and unwind in your own personalized garden