Price to Quality

Final Verdict

There are various other brands which you can look at.but, for good quality you will have to pay some higher price.

“Honey” one of the most prominent super food. We hear about.the benefits of honey is uncountable as it is just not limited. From  immunity boosting to skin revitalizing everywhere “honey” is used. Ancient text have already described the use of honey as medicine for various diseases and disorders. 

But, today it s very hard to find a good honey brand as most of the brands deviate people by serving people with adulterated or synthetic honeys. Also, it has been found in some brands that there were traces of  “Pesticide” and “Anti-microbial” chemical components.

So, this makes it pretty difficult to find a good honey brand. To take this up we have gone through various brands and have sorted out the most perfect balance that gives the best price to quality  ratio. This brand is relatively new, but we have found it to be providing good quality products. Below is the link and description of product.

Here it is : https://amzn.to/2MCLKOz

Kapiva Himalayan Wild Honey – Pure, Natural and Healthy this is one of the best honey brand which we have found that is balance for price to money.


Note: Kapiva , doesn’t sponsor us or it’s products through us. Review is solely personal preference of author.