Caffeine, a very common word we get to hear in modern world. as we take it up now and then through our beverages. Tea, coffee & soft drink are beverages that contain caffeine. So, what happens when you take caffeine.

Most important factor that get affected is : Hormones

Affected Hormones are :

  • Adenosine : The absorption of this hormone is affected by caffeine, which in result calms your body and alerts in short run.
  • Adrenaline : Caffeine, injects adrenaline in body and makes your body work like running horse.
  • Cortisol : This can lead you to gain weight .
  • Dopamine :Caffeine increases dopamine levels in your system, acting in a way similar to amphetamines, which can make you feel good after taking it, but after it wears off you can feel ‘low’.

What are physiological effect of taking this hormone :

  • Sleep: Caffeine can affect your sleep by keeping you awake longer, thereby shortening the amount of sleep you get, and giving you less time in the restorative stages of sleep, which takes a toll on your level of alertness the next day and overall health.
  • Weight : Many experts believe that increased levels of cortisol lead to stronger cravings for fat and carbohydrates, and cause the body to store fat in the abdomen.
  • Exercise :If caffeine elevates levels of cortisol and other hormones for a temporary boost after the caffeine wears off, the body can feel fatigued and feelings of mild to moderate depression can set in. This can make physical activity more difficult.

So, considering all the above factors you have to decide whether you want to take caffeine or not.