Do you have a busy lifestyle because of which you end up eating late in the evening? But do you know that these late evening eating habits can adversely affect your overall health.

In this article we will, late you know, why you should not eat late in the evening,

Why You Should Not Eat Late In the Evening

Heart Disease & Diabetes

Eating late in the evening not only piles up kilos of weight, but also increases the risk of you having a heart disease and diabetes. The increase in the levels of glucose in the bloodstream, triggers prediabetics that eventually lead to diabetes.

Moreover, eating late in the evening also causes increase in the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, fats that if found in the body enhances the risk of getting a heart disease.

Increase In the Weight

It is observed that people eating late in the evening have more body weight as compared to those who eat earlier in a day. As the day moves into the evening, body is not able to burn the fat. And thus, the people end up storing fat deposits in the body.

Acid Reflux

Eating late in a day, triggers acid reflux and thereafter heartburn. Therefore, you must eat lightly at least few hours before the bedtime. On the other hand, eating a heavy meal near to the bedtime, would lead to acid reflux making you restless at nighttime.

Risk Of Heart Attack

Normally blood pressure rises and then drops down according to a pattern in a day. It is observed that blood pressure is normally at the lower end during night while you are sleeping. And it will start to rise up near to your waking up time. This happens repeatedly, every single day.

If you too are guilty of eating late in the evening, then it is high time; you make lifestyle changes, in order to lead a healthy life.