In this modern world where our lives are so much influenced by technology keeping our kid’s childhood away from its influence seems to be impossible. But it is not the case, as there are some ways by which you can keep your kids very much entertained that too without screens.

Although there are many ways to do it we have discussed only the best ones for you,


  • Promote Creativity

Allow your kids to express their creativity in various ways. And do not forget to appreciate their efforts.

  • Get Them Involved In Gardening

Gardening and kids, yes it is possible. Kids as young as 5 year old can do the small gardening tasks as watering the plants, picking up the flowers and fruits etc.

  • Rotate Their Toys

The easiest way to keep your kids interested in the toys for fairly longer time is to rotate them. This way they play with the toys given to them, as they are brand new.

  • A Play Date

Every parent must be aware of the fact that the kids love to play with the toys of their friends. So arrange a play date for your little one every now and then.

  • Free Play

Nothing enhances the imagination and creativity of the little kids as much as free playing. Allow your kids to engage in free playing without the presence of the elders. However before doing so, make sure that the place they are playing in is perfectly safe for the kids.

So, let your child enjoy a screen free moments.