I came across this very useful post on Facebook written by Shampa Moitra, a Post Graduate in Sociology, worked with several International NGOs, currently runs her own Preschool and Daycare.

(The original post is available in a group on Facebook, this is a slightly modified version).

August and September are the months when we plan and prepare for the formal school admissions. Filling forms, enquiries like – which school is better in terms of both education and extracurricular activities; the board and methodology followed by different schools; on grounds of safety measures; fee structure, etc.

A lot of discussions, research, checks and rechecks, visits and reviews, and then we finally narrow down to one that is best in all the above aspects. Finally we admit our kids into the school, done and sorted!

But is that all? Are our jobs really done?    No it isn’t, the main part starts now – which is preparing the little one. Yes, the kid was going to the pre-school so most of the things are sorted like learning basic manners and habits, good touch bad touch, etc, but is that all it?

Below is a list of things you need to teach your little one at home and things you need to partner with his/her preschool.

  • Introduce The School: This is important, your little one must be fond of or accustomed to her current school, teachers and friends. The big change might not be accepted easily. In order to avoid the separation anxiety, start talking about the new school – good things, long before the actual transition.

  • Routine: This is one area where parents need to focus consciously – it is seen many a times parents take it easy and fail to inculcate the routine and timeliness. If children are accustomed to the routine and timeliness, it become a lot more easier for both parents and school.
  • Self-feeding: Time-consciously self feeding is another important technique to teach your kids as teachers can’t help-out each and every student in the class due to the kind of student teacher ratio in schools.
  •  Toilet Training: It is another major step to take before sending kids to the ‘big school’. Toilet training should start well in advance to avoid the little accidents that happens in schools. Soiling of clothes and benches is disliked by both parents and teachers, it is best to follow a toilet routine.
  • Home Study Time: This is the time home-works will probably be given to you children, unlike preschool. So to make your children do the home-work on time everyday, it is better to prepare them in advance by dedicating at least ten minutes daily to studying.
  • Health And Hygiene: Another very important area parents need to work on. The basic practices should be taught at tender age, which is going to be with them life long. Includes brushing teeth without fail twice daily, washing hands before and after eating, taking a bath everyday, no nose picking, healthy eating habits, no junk food in tiffin, toilet hygiene.

  •  Safety Circle: Other than the good and bad touch talk,  there is more they should know by now, that is, their safety boundaries. Includes – not leaving school with strangers pretending to be sent by parents – keep a secret password for their safety., not to accept any sort of luring food from strangers, peon, teaching staff and their limits on the kids.
  • How to handle BULLYING: There is no age bars when it comes to bullying. It is very common in schools and colleges, thus, one should be prepared before hand in case your kid is a victim or if he/she is into bullying. Make them understand that the weak people are actually the ones who bully the stronger people to overcome them and it has nothing to do with you. Also teach them to complain  when he/she is bullied, to a teacher and parent.

Now that roughly six months are left for the formal schools to begin, this is the right time to start practicing and teaching the above to your children.

 The earlier they learn, the more accustomed they become.