Organic food helps environment

Environment We all know that organic food benefits our body and overall health in many ways but do you know that organic food benefits the environment around us in several ways. In this article we have discussed various s ways in which organic food is beneficial to the environment.

Ways In Which Organic Food Benefits The Enviornment

1. Does Not Contaminate :

The production of organic food eliminates contamination of water and soil, by prohibiting the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Therefore it does not cause contamination of any sort unlike the conventional ways of farming.

2. Preserves Wild Life :

The process of producing organic food is comparatively less disturbing to the local wild life. In addition to that, many organic farmers appreciate the wildlife species living on their farms for instance birds, small predatory animals etc. as they help the farmers in the pest control.

3. Conserve Biodiversity :

As mentioned earlier, organic food production avoids use of chemicals and thus helps in conserving biodiversity. Organic farming works by encouraging natural balance within the ecosystem as a result of which domination of particular species over the other species is prevented.

4. Fights Global Warming :

Most of the organic food produced is distributed locally. Thus it reduces the energy that is used for transportation thereby reducing the emission of carbon dioxide, which is believed to be causing global warming.

5. Reduces Erosion :

The methods of organic farming remove only the organic crops from the land as a result of which, soil is covered with vegetation. In this way, it prevents wind from carrying away the topmost fertile soil layers.

Therefore make it a point to consume Organic Food that not only ensures your well being but also benefits the environment around you in numerous ways.