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This is just a post to remind everybody that our bodies are not
perfect. Maybe we have stretch marks, or loose skin, jiggly thighs,
or a squishy tummy. Maybe our boobs hang down in certain
positions and maybe we avoid looking in the mirror when we have
sex. I know I have all of these problems
Last night my partner and I were fooling around. I wasn’t exactly
feeling it, since my period was on its way, I hadn’t showered and
we had just ate dinner. I climbed on top of him and all of a sudden
he held me in place, looked up at me, and I mean, really looked
and says “you should see your body from this angle”. He said it
with so much love and lust in his voice and now I’m sitting here a
day later and I can’t get his words out of my head
This man, this beautiful man, who I think is a hundred times out of
my league, loves my body. Like, really loves it. When I think about
what he would see from his angle, I picture large thighs positioned
on either side of him, a tummy that is not flat, large breasts that
hang down. Maybe a double chin and a crazy mess of curly hair. He
looks up at me and sees a beautiful woman, who has soft skin and
curves, a big smile on my face, and a body that’s capable of riding
him like it’s nobody’s business.
I love every single inch of my partners body. I think he’s the sexiest
man to walk the earth. He has a fantastic ass and strong arms. He
has a soft but defined stomach, a smile that gives me butterflies,
and a great head of hair. I know there’s parts of his body he doesn’t
love, but I’m blind to them all. To me, he’s perfect the way he is. He
turns me on like nobody else ever has. So why can’t I do the same
to him?
So this is just an appreciation post for our partners and our bodies
We really do see the worst in ourselves. We focus in on the things
that we wish we could improve. This is a shout-out to all of the
partners who make their SOs feel appreciated and sexy. So take
your partners word for it that they find you desirable. Don’t let
yourself get in your head and be the reason you don’t let loose and
have a great time. Start to appreciate and love your body as much
as your partner does.

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