The Creator Of Mankind has created all living beings differently, from different kingdoms, species, breeds, genders; to unique finger prints, DNA, etc.

Every living being has been created with a purpose to fulfill. And every living being is unique in their own ways.

Talking about Human Being, People often say women are the weaker members of the society whereas Men are the stronger members.

But how far is this statement true?

The answer is – the statement is not completely true. 

Here is why:

  • The first and foremost has to be the power of creating and delivering babies. The highest level of pain that the human being ever feels, is felt during the period of labor which every women, at some point, suffers.
  • Secondly, stomach cramps and bleeding every month with a lot of mood fluctuations, irritability.
  • The strength of leaving everything behind to live with her husband and taking care of the whole family along with kids single-handedly.
  • Even in illness she has the strength to leave the bed and serve her family.
  • She has the strength to manage both household chores and work a 9-5 job beautifully.
  • She is fighting the odds with the Army troops.
  • She is flying hundreds of passengers high in the sky to their destination.
  • She is going to Outer Space in a Space Shuttle
  • List of leading Doctors and Scientists today have a lot of women in them.

Almost everything that requires either mental Strength or physical strength, that a man is doing, is being done by women, if not more.

So it obviously is wrong to state that men are stronger than women, because that is not the truth and the whole world is full of examples that proves the statement wrong.