In this modern society, women are demanding ‘Gender Equality’ and many are practising the so called ‘Feminism’. But is Gender Equality what we really want?

Since decades, women have been treated with disrespect, they have been thought of as the inferior section of the society.

Women have been judged on several factors like color, shape, size, clothing, ability to tolerate every shit that comes her way silently with a smile on her face. Whereas, Men are not judged on the basis of their looks, temperament, etc because they are the so called ‘superior section of the society’.

We should all consider one thing, whether you are a Theist or an Atheist, when God created Men and Women differently how can we ask for equality? When the Creator of the universe gave the extra power of carrying and delivering a new life into this World to the women, how can we make them the inferior part of the society? The Creator has created every living thing on this planet with a unique purpose.

Coming to the gender equality part that women are asking for these days, its not actually gender equality that we want because we all know we are not equal and we can never be, its us who bleed or 5 days every month, its us who get pregnant with your children for 9 months, it is us who gets all hormonal, so we need itsy bitsy of ease, not equality, stop the torturous treatment. 

We Women are Human Beings just like you Men, stop treating us like sex objects or children factory. All we need is to be treated respectfully.

 When I am your daughter, don’t imprison me in your house just because the men out there will put me down, teach your sons how to behave with women; when I am your sister, don’t ask me to hide from your friends who look at me with lusty eyes, tell them to behave; When I am your wife, don’t tell me to keep quiet when your family abuses me, tell them I am a human too and deserve respect and space; when I am your mother, don’t treat me like I know nothing, I am the one who taught you to walk, talk, shit, with all those sleepless nights to make you what you are today, believe me I know more than you; when I am your Grandma pardon me for being annoying, its because of everything I have once been through, and its not me, its my post men-o-pausal body.