We all are aware of the fact that, using sunscreen during summer time is important to protect our skin from sunburn or any other damage due to the sunrays. But what we all don’t know is that in reality sunscreen should be used throughout the year, no matter what the weather is.

In this article we will let you know five reasons why you should use sunscreen every single day.

 Why You Should Use Sunscreen Everyday

1.     Gives Protection From Ultra Violet Rays

Due to the depletion in the ozone layer, there are increased chances of damaging your skin from UV rays. The sunscreen protects you from this harm, by blocking away these hazardous rays, therefore reducing the chances of getting a sunburn.

2.    Lower Risk Of Skin Cancer

Do you know that, skin cancer is one of the most common cancers across the world? By simply applying a sunscreen every single day, you will drastically lower the risk developing a skin cancer.

3.    Prevents Premature Skin Ageing

The harmful UV ray causes skin ageing, which is characterized by a discoloration, saggy skin, fine lines and wrinkles. By blocking harmful UV rays coming from sun, sunscreen prevents premature ageing of the skin.

4.    Maintains Even Skin Tone

Sunscreen prevents discoloration and development of dark spots, that are caused by exposure to Ultra violet rays, thereby helping you maintain even tone of your skin.

Therefore, make it a point to use the sunscreen every dayu and stay protected from harmful ultraviolet rays.