Battling with Domestic Violence- a social Evil

We all need somewhere where we feel safe. Apparently, home is not always an option.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries followed strict lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Stay home Stay Safe” slogans are all over the internet. With Government urging people to stay home, some women have to put up with domestic violence. Across the globe, there has been an alarming rise in complaints of domestic violence made by women.

Why Domestic Abuse Happens

An abuser sorts to domestic abuse due to many factors be it social, economic, or drug/alcohol abuse.

They resort to it as it gives them a sense of control over their victim; in most cases, victims being women. These men who misuse their right to a women’s companionship often deny their act of domestic violence. They don’t understand what constitutes domestic violence. Some men use violence as a tool to keep their partners from being unfaithful or physically forcing them to stay. In most cases, there’s an abuse cycle that becomes familiar with the victim and abuser. The abuse cycle has a pattern which woman fails to understand on the first instance of it. Before lockdown, a woman could leave her partner and move out to a safer place when subjected to violence. But due to lockdown imposition, it has become difficult for a woman to walk out on such a partner.

Types of Domestic Violence

There’s a denial of domestic violence crimes by abusers because they don’t morally understand what violation of someone’s right or freedom means. Domestic violence has many different types of abuses like- physical, verbal, sexual, psychological, and emotional abuse.

As per a study, many women suffering from abuse have said that it got worse during the corona virus lockdown. During the pandemic, the men suffering from economic losses like losing jobs or business losses, or having a substance abuse used it as a reason for their emotional misbalance or temperament.

Women often suffer in silence during such situations due to social norms.

It is also important to understand how it impacts women.

Domestic violence not only is a violation of human rights but it also affects women with several physical and mental difficulties.

Women suffer from traumas like anorexia, sleep deprivation, depression, chronic diseases, or even sexual disorders. Sometimes a woman can also feel disconnected socially and may thus lack any kind of social support to overcome the trauma.

Dealing with Domestic Violence

Violence is unacceptable and victims should not blame themselves for what is happening to them. They should understand that the abuser is solely responsible for his actions. A woman should not justify the acts of her partner as it will further aggravate the level of violence.  It is important to seek help to fight domestic violence.

Since the Covid-19 lockdown, a woman cannot move away from the partner, it is advisable to keep your family or friend or neighbor in proximity informed in case of escalating risk. It is also helpful to discuss the issue with someone whom you trust or family who can hold an abuser accountable for his actions.

Most cases of domestic violence are never reported. Women must learn to use their right to safety by speaking up. Reporting an act of violence is always recommended by law. A woman must report such incidents as it will only create a better life for her ahead. There are also several helplines for domestic violence and online counseling websites that victims can use for relief. In many countries, the government provides shelter and counseling sessions for women seeking out help against domestic violence.

Creating Awareness

As a responsible individual, it is necessary to keep a vigilant eye for signs of any violence in your surroundings. People dealing with prior abusive nature or aggressive behavior or anger management issues must work on keeping their stress level as low as possible. They can practice the art of meditation or self-healing through various online counseling websites as any small act of violence at home may degrade the future for the partner as well as child if any. The gender norms, where women are treated inferior to men should be abolished as it may lead to abuse of a woman by her partner.