Indoor pollution in houses

Do you know that there are almost 6 million premature deaths across the world only due to air pollution and that 2.5 million of these deaths are caused by Indoor air pollution.
We all know that we live in the polluted environment, but whenever the issues regarding pollution are discussed the subject of Indoor pollution is seldom talked about.
Though, indoor air pollution may seem subtle in nature but it has some major ill effects on the health of the humans that occupy that certain space. Hence, one should have proper knowledge about Indoor air pollution- What It Is

Indoor Air Pollution

By the term Indoor Air pollution it is meant degradation of indoor air quality by harmful chemicals and other materials.

Indoor air pollution occurs when certain air pollutants from various particles and gases contaminate the indoor air. This indoor air pollution can cause various diseases to even cancer. Removing the air pollutants can improve the quality of your indoor air.

What Actually Causes Indoor Air Pollution ?

The byproducts of combustion, bio aerosols, building material, radon, heavy metals, asbestos, pesticides, volatile organic compounds and tobacco smoke causes Indoor Air Pollution.

Indoor Air Pollution In India

According to the study of United Nations Environmental pollution, it is observed that indoor air pollution contributes up to 52% of the overall pollution levels in India.
This implies that the issue of indoor air pollution should not be kept on the back burner and thereby we have come up with a series of articles regarding Indoor Air Pollution enabling you to ensure breath of clean air for you, your family and coming generations.