What do we do at the slightest tickle in the ear?

We pick up anything that is at our arm’s reach, be it match sticks, keys, pen, pin and start digging our ears, or if we are organised enough we use an ear bud.

What we usually don’t realize is we might actually do more damage than good by inserting things into our ears. Anything, including good quality earbuds, can damage our ears. It usually pushes the wax further into the ear and causes trouble.

The most common issue people are facing in the ear is it being blocked by the wax. When this happens, you get a feeling as if the ear is closed. The hearing is not completely obstructed but this definitely makes you uncomfortable and irritated, while both speaking and listening.

The doctor usually gives a few medicines including ear drops for a week and asks you to clean the effected ear twice everyday with spirit and then checks if its still there, in which case he then clears the ear with the medical equipment himself. Some times while taking bath, water gets inside the ear and stays, this causes a lot of ear issues like pain, sense of blocking, infections. So it is better to take precautions than to suffer.

Here are a few tips to avoid such circumstances.

  • Use earbuds of high quality and only use it on the outer area of the ear.
  • Cover your ears with cotton balls while taking a bath.
  • Visit an ENT specialist Doctor to rule out any slight ear discomfort.
  • Use Headphones instead of using Earphones.
  • Never try to clean the inner ear by yourself how much ever tempting it may seem.

Hope this post was helpful to you, let us know your experience in the comments section. 🙂