Sleeping too much or too little – Risk Heart Attack

Recent Studies published in Journal of American College of cardiology Found that people who sleep too much or people who sleep too little are at risk of Genetic Heart Attack. Sleeping between  6 to  9 Hrs can offset that risk.

As stated by Celine Vetter,

“This provides some of the strongest proof yet that sleep duration is a key factor when it comes to heart health, and this holds true for everyone”


Researchers took self reported data of 461,000 UK Bio bank participants of age 49-60 who never had heart attack, then followed them for seven years.

They found that:  People who slept less than 6 hours a day were 20% more likely to get a heart attack. Whereas, who slept more than 9 hrs are 34% more likely to develop risk of heart attack.

Researchers also found that people who are already in risk of heart attack if they sleep between 6-9 hrs nightly. They have significant chance of cutting risk of heart attack by 18 %


This shows how important sleep is for our health and significant impact it carries on us. There have been many previous researches that have suggested to maintain a proper timely sleep. Moving on wards let’s make it sure that we are going to follow the same and spread some good habit among the members of society.