The feeling of sadness , anxiety or depression after sex. It is mostly felt by all animals including humans except the female human and the rooster.

Galen – Greek Physician

Have you ever felt bad after having sex !!!

This is something that is fuzzing around the internet since Joe Rogan spoke about it in his podcast. Let me explain to you what it is about.

PNS (Post-Coital Tristesse) or in simple word what we call it as Post Nut Syndrome.this is a medical condition that affects man after they ejaculate. In lay men term it is the feeling of guilt that a person gets post ejaculation.

So, why does it happen ?

Simple answer is, when men follow their infatuation instead of following their heart they land up in this condition. In simple words when you have sex with a girl whom you like because she looks beautiful, or she is too attractive (basically, for short term desire) and when you end up ejaculating after sex then realize that “ooh no !!  I didn’t want it”. This feeling that you get  is called PNS or Post Nut Syndrome.

How can this be avoided ?

Answer is :- 😉

  • Don’t look for short term hook-ups 
  • look for love rather than lust

This can be a bigger topic of discussion further but to give you a simple idea this should be more than enough.