Undoubtedly, television is the most powerful medium for education and communication. And we all now how impactful it is on our minds especially that of the young generation.
In this article we emphasize on the various positive as well as negative impacts the television has on the new generation.
At present, television has hugely changed our life. And the effect of television on our minds is very much noticeable. Television is the technological medium, which shapes the thoughts and the views of the younger generation in day-to-day life. There are number of programs that are telecasted on the television on the daily basis. Some of them are good while others are not so good.
But the scenario is such that, the negative programs that are telecasted on the TV channels are the ones, which attract the young generation.

What Are The Bad Effects Of Television On New Generation

There are several shows on the television that negatively impacts the minds of the young generation. The young people are attracted by the advertisements that are telecasted on the television and enchanted by the interviews and reality shows.

On the other hands, there are some music channels, which telecast romantic dances and erotic songs, which feel magical to the young generation.

The television channels are more inclined towards telecasting sensational shows, which will attract large number of youngsters towards them, to fulfill their commercial and economical aspirations.

Moreover, there are some horror and thriller programs, which promote superstition in the age of science.

What Are The Positive Effects Of Television On New Generation

But it should be noted that, television also telecasts some informational and instructive programs like debates on some current important topics that helps in improving the thinking and analyzing level of the young ones.

There are some channels like national geographic, discovery, and national; as well as international channels Some program help to update the knowledge of national as well as international news, general knowledge.

Some channels give up-to-date account of prices of different commodities, and the things required by us in day-to-day life. So, the latest commercial trends have come to your doorsteps with the help of television. Television covers the information of the latest computer technology, health practices, nutrition programs etc, that are being used by other parts of the world. So, this aspect of television is definitely healthy as it updates the knowledge of youngsters in various areas like political, social, religious, economic, educational, scientific etc.

So, television is the immensely powerful and its area of influence is very vast. The television channels should understand their responsibility to keep its impacts on right lines. The sex psychology, violence, cheating and exaggerated heroism should not be glorified, it should be avoided. If these things are avoided, television would surely shape the character and personality of the present generation.