We all are very much aware of the pollution in general and about the pollutants that cause pollution. But Indoor Air Pollution is seldom talked about. Do you know that Indoor air pollution is more fatal as compared to outdoor air pollution? Variety of pollutants affects the quality of indoor air. And it is observed that the concentration of pollutants in the indoor air is higher than that present outdoors. This is due to the lack of proper ventilation. This indoor air pollution further causes health related problems in the individuals that inhabit that space. In this article, we have discussed how the indoor air pollution affects your health

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Radon Gas

This radioactive colorless when inhaled reaches lungs and damages DNA thereby causing lung cancer.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic Compounds commonly known as VOC when inhaled or touched causes irritation of nose, throat and eyes, nausea and headaches. In addition to all this, it damages central nervous system, liver and kidney. It is important to note that VOCs have carcinogenic effect on the human body


The exposure to formaldehyde causes swelling in lungs and larynx along with irritation in nose and throat. This indoor air pollutant is also a carcinogen.

Nitrogen Dioxide

If a person is exposed to higher level of Nitrogen Dioxide acute or chronic bronchitis can be developed.

Carbon Monoxide

The carbon monoxide exposure affects differently for different person. However the commonly it causes tiredness, impairment of vision, headaches and nausea. It should be noted carbon m9noxide exposure at higher concentration can prove to be fatal.

Biological Matter

When a person is exposed to the biological air pollutants it causes allergies, asthma, fever or even digestive problems.


If Ammonia is inhaled in the small quantity it can cause irritation in eyes, nose and throat but if inhaled in larger quantities it can prove to be fatal.

Tri Chloro Ethylene

It is proved that if a person is exposed to TCE for prolonged period of time it can cause cancer or liver, kidney and lungs. However exposure to TCE normally causes lethargy, confusion and dizziness.


Inhaling higher concentrations of benzene can result into death few hours after the exposure or even sudden death. Other than that, speech problems, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, paraesthesia in the hands and feet is observed on exposure to benzene in lower concentration.

Particulate matter The particulate matter when inhales can affect your lungs as well as your heart. The size of the particulate matter directly affects the severity of the health problem it can cause in the human body ranging from mild irritation to coronary and respiratory diseases.

The indoor air pollution seem to be subtle in nature and thus it is quite hard to detect the presence of indoor pollutants however it tend to have some serious effects on the human body. Therefore, it is crucial that we know how to lower the level of these air pollutants at our homes and offices so that we can lead a healthy life. In our next article we will be discussing various ways by which you can reduce the indoor air pollution. So keep on reading

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