We give so much emphasis on kitchen decluttering, bedroom decluttering, closet decluttering and even toys decluttering. However, digital decluttering always kept on the back burner, because we do not know how to go about it.

In this article, we will be discussing the same, so that you can get started with your Digital decluttering journey.

Simple Ways To Digital Decluttering :

Documents Decluttering
Get started by accessing what all documents you have and which documents out of them you no longer require and can let go. After that, look for certain programs that will clean your PC or the MAC. Now organize your remaining documents either in the cloud or in the hard drive.

Images Decluttering
Sometimes a notification comes up on your mobile telling you that you are running out of the storage place. This implies that it is time to get some images decluttering done. Firstly, go through all your photos and delete the images that are of not good quality, blurry images or images that are taken by mistakes, etc.
Then organize your images/photos according to date or place or occasion into the folders. And move them either in the cloud storage or external storage like a hard drive.

Social Media Cleansing
Social media helps you to be updated about people in your life and also about the brands that you are interested in. but at times it seems that your social media is flooded with the things that you are not actually interested in. In such a scenario, you must declutter and cleanse your social media.
First and foremost, check your list of friends and liked pages, and then unfriend or unfollow all the people and pages that do not matter anymore for you.

Inbox Decluttering
Just like the physical mailbox, the inbox of your email account should be regularly decluttered and organized. Yes, Inbox decluttering and organizing, and it is very simple to do.
Open the email or the newsletter that you want to unsubscribe and update your preference by clicking on the link, which is given below.

Mobile Application Decluttering
Each and every one of us downloads more applications than we actually use. Ask yourself, when you used a particular app the last time and if the answer is more than 6 months that means you should go ahead and delete that mobile application.

These easy steps if taken on a regular basis it will surely make your life free of digital clutter. We all live in the digital era and therefore digital decluttering is essential for us to keep our sanity.