How to Disinfect Your Gadgets During Covid-19 Outbreak

It is true that our gadgets are the ones, which keep us busy in the most part of this nationwide lockdown due to the deadly Covid-19 disease. But do you know that these gadgets are the actual germ magnets and therefore, increase your chances of getting the infection? Hence, it crucial that we regularly disinfect our electronic gadgets.  But the process of disinfecting can get a little trickier when it comes to gadgets.


How to Disinfect Your Mobile Phone Or The Tablet

You can easily disinfect your mobile phone using disinfecting wipes. While cleaning the mobile phone or even the tablet, make it a point to clean the various buttons, and cover of the device.

How to Disinfect Your Computer Or Laptop

These days the display of laptops as well as PC is not always made using glass. Hence, you should avoid using disinfecting wipes on the screen but disinfect it using 70% isopropyl alcohol. Other than that, you should also clean the keyboard.

How To Disinfect The Accessories

While disinfecting your gadgets do not forget disinfecting various accessories, which are used along with gadgets, for instance, earphones, mouse, mouse pads, remote control, etc. with the solution of isopropyl alcohol.


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