5 Reasons Why One Must Use A Dishwasher

We Indians firmly believe that hand washing is the ultimate way of cleaning the utensils. From the time unknown, we relied on the maids to help us with this chore and many more. But due to COVID-19, taking help from the maids is not a safe option anymore.

In such a scenario, there is an ongoing discussion amongst Indians whether or not to invest in a dishwasher and make the task a little easier for the family members.

In this article, we will let you know five reasons why you must use a dishwasher,

1.    Cleans Better

It can be said, without any doubt that the dishwasher cleans the dishes way better than the traditional soap and sponge or scrub.

2.    Germ Prevention

We know that germs build upon the used utensils and to kill these germs the utensils should be washed in hot water of almost 150F, which is not possible for any human being. However, a dishwasher does that for you with just a press of a button.

3.    Environmentally-Friendly

It is usually believed that hand washing utensils are environmentally friendly, but in reality it just the way around. By washing utensils by hands just for 2 minutes you use up the amount of water required for 8 setting wash cycle.

In addition to that, modern dishwashers are 30 to 40 % more energy-efficient, thus saving the energy consumed.

4.   Economical

Being more energy-efficient, using dishwashers make very little impact on your monthly electricity bill.

5.    Time Efficient

Most importantly, using a dishwasher saves up lots of your time. The same time you would have spent washing dishes can now be spent with your near and dear ones or doing some other productive tasks.

In all there are several reasons why using a dishwasher is more beneficial than hand washing and thus you should definitely do so.