5 Electronic Appliances That People Are Buying Amidst COVID -19 Pandemic

During the whole world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic, a huge surge is noticed in the home appliances marketplace. The companies like Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Bosch is receiving enquiries from all over India regarding the availability of several home appliances which are listed below,

1.    Home Theatre

During the lockdown, watching television has just doubled. In addition to that, the movie theatres are and will be closed for the next several months. In such scenarios, people are looking into upgrading their TVs by purchasing big screen Tvs and also investing in good home theatre systems.

2.    Large Volume Refrigerators

Ever since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in India, going out often to buy groceries or even fruits and vegetables is next to impossible. As more you step outside your house more are the chances of being infected by Covid-19.

Hence, more and more Indians are buying large volume refrigerators so that they can stock up on dairy products, meat, and even fresh produce.

3.    Dishwashers

Maids were always hired to do the dishes in Indian households from the time unknown. But the Covid-19 lockdown completely changed the scenario because of which there is a huge demand for electronic appliances like a dishwasher. Believe us or not Dishwasher, which was earlier, considered, as a luxury has now become a necessity of time.

4.   Steam Mops

We all are very well aware of the importance of cleanliness in the house but the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has taken it a few steps ahead. Now our homes should not be only clean but also regularly sanitized and there is no better way to sanitize our houses naturally other than the steam.

5.    Vaccum Cleaners

As discussed earlier, cleanliness has become of utmost importance than it ever was before. But, the non-availability of the servants or the maid staff has made it difficult to keep up with the cleanliness. And this is the reason why; Indians are now more inclined to own a good Vaccum cleaner.

All these electronic appliances, makes staying at home and staying safe possible by taking off the burden of house chores or stress off our shoulders, no wonder people all across India are buying these electronics amidst the lockdown.