Experiencing Battery Drain issue Android – Recently

Since, past couple of days many android users are experiencing battery drain issue. As witnessed battery is draining at least 15% faster. Research, has found that this issue is arising due to “Google Play Store” recent update (Version 18.3.82) has proven to be the culprit. People who have this version of store are experiencing similar issues.

So, what’s the fix?

We have some quick workaround that can help:

  1. Download a more stable version from APK Mirror
  2. Download beta version of app

Download a more stable version from APK Mirror:

  1. Open your browser and visit to https://www.apkmirror.com/
  2. Now , Search for Google Play Store app
  3. From The list of Version of app , select any that is below 18.3.82 or above
  4. Now , install the app. Make sure you allow “ Installation from Unknown sources

Download beta version of app:

  1. Head to the Google playstore
  2. Search For Playstore app
  3. Navigate to install page
  4. Join the beta tester opt-in page
  5. and , wait for the update to come in

These simple steps will help you to fix your issues!!

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