Best safety tips woman should know !!

We all live in the society, which is becoming increasingly violent day after day. In such situation, personal safety has become an important issue especially for women out there.

In this article, we have shared some of the best safety tips specifically for women.

1. Practice Awareness :

First and foremost step towards self-defense is awareness about oneself and awareness about what is going on in the surroundings. In this way you can make out the attacker’s strategy.

2. Put Your Sixth Sense To Work :

Have firm belief in your god-gifted intuition or sixth sense whatever you prefer to call it. It is the weapon that god has given you to have deep insight in any situation whatsoever, but we seldom pay attention towards it.
Teach yourself to follow your instinct. If you are not feeling safe with any person or in any situation then you must avoid it.

3. Get Trained :

Before enrolling in any self defense program make it a point to evaluate it’s usefulness. The self-defense program for women should include training with simulated assaults, which allows them to practice what they have learned during the training.

4. Escape The Situation. :

In any situation try not to leave the place of the crime with the attacker, it will be better if you escape the situation by running away. Try your best to grab the attention of the people around by yelling or something like that.

5. In Case Of Home Invasion :

The simplest way to prevent invasion on home is to never the door of your house until you very well know who is on the other side of the door. In case the person is unknown, verify their reason of being on your door.

Knowing this useful tips, all the woman and girls of our society can ensure their own safety in this world full of violence.

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