Artificial blood, for any blood type !!

Japanese Researchers from National Defense medical college have developed artificial blood. This blood can be supplied to any host body regardless of their blood type. They have also found that when supplied with his blood in emergency situations it can overcome complexities around different blood type and adpat itself around it.

Platelets can be stored for 4 days in storage if shaken before.whereas , Red blood cells can be stored upto 20 days provided ideal conditions.

Artificial blood consists of platelets and red blood cells. Each component is put in tiny bags known as liposome derived from the cell membrane to stop bleeding and transfer oxygen. Artificial blood can be stored for a year at normal temperature.

“It is difficult to stock a sufficient amount of (natural)blood for transfusions in such regions as remote islands,” , “The artificial blood will be able to save the lives of people who otherwise could not be saved.”

Manabu Kinoshita, an associate professor of immunology at the National Defense Medical College says that,

Artificial blood was tested on 6 rabbits having serious blood loss condition and they were treated for such conditions.

It is one of the major breakthrough in research that can help people in emergency situations. And help save many life’s.

Research was published in :U.S. journal Transfusion (

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