5 Simple Ways To Redecorate Your Home During Lockdown

Believe it or not, your entire home can be redecorated using all the things that you already own! And today in this article we will let you know 5 simple ways by which you can do so,

Simple Ways To Redecorate Your Home

1.     Rearrange The Furniture

A little time consuming but most effective way to give your space a new look is to change the layout of the furniture that you already have. You can also try to place the smaller furniture at certain angle to give a new dimension to the layout.

2.     Make Most Of The Terrace

Having an open space like a balcony or terrace is really a blessing especially during the lockdown time. So bring out the folding chairs and tables or even the floor cushions or rug that you already have and relax while chitchatting with your family.

3.     Change The Accessories

We all have some accessories that we store aside for some extra special; events or festivals. This is the time to bring them out and make the celebration of togetherness.

4.     Deep Clean

Get your family onboard to work on deep cleaning your entire house and off course sanitize it. It will let your house have a breath of fresh air and give your family an extra clean space to live in.

5.     Create A Reading Nook

Reading a book is something that is always in our bucket list but we seldom get to do it, all thanks to our ever-busy schedule. But now, since life has slowed down a bit due to lockdown, utilize this time to tick off this activity from your bucket list. A cozy nook with a rug or mattress on floor with few throw pillows will do the trick.

Now that you are home more than ever, use this time to revamp your home and show it some love!

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