5 interesting facts about Rafale Jets that you must know about

On 29th of July 2020, Rafale Jets have landed at Ambala Indian Air Force Station and this addition has indefinitely made IAF more powerful.

Being a 4.5 generation aircraft, Rafale is one of the best fighters across the world.

Hence, in this article, we will let you know some of the interesting facts about these Rafale Jets.

  1. In total 10 Rafale Jets were handed over to India, out of which only five took off on Monday, and the other five Rafale Jets are left behind for training.
  2. The jet had to travel the distance of almost 7000 km from France to India.
  3. Out of the five Rafale Jets that are stationed in Ambala two aircraft are double seaters while three are single-seaters.
  4. The fighter aircraft has the capacity to carry several powerful weapons some of which are Scalp cruise missile and Meteor missile.
  5. The Rafale jets have several upgrades, which are specifically done for India; radar warning receivers, infrared search, and low-band jammers are just some of them.

India is amongst the only five countries, which own the powerful Rafale aircraft.

It is definitely a very proud moment for us Indians, isn’t it?

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